AP Full Moon Swim
Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
6:00pm — 7:00pm
Aquatic Park,
San Francisco, CA

Advanced Swim. Still pretty cold, nearly dark. Lighted float required. Thermal everything recommended.

I will be swimming for about 25 minutes which is likely a single perimeter (1800yds) loop. 1.2 miles = 2112yds.

My perpetual target pace is about 1:10/100yds, though I'm usually a bit lazier.

Place a bright, flat, portable light in your buoy and it will glow orange. If you see my bright orange 'bum locker' in the water, you're late. Come catch up :)

The bleachers are useless due to Aquatic Park construction (railroad tracks removal and a complete repave of the pathway), so we'll meet by the public showers right by the Dolphin Club (the eastern corner of Aquatic Park - the first thing on the right if you're walking west from Jefferson St/Fisherman's Wharf area.)

If these graphs are more than an hour old, click one of them, come back here, and then press refresh. Buoy measurements seems to be finicky the last few days.

Higher means WarmerWater Temparature Zero wind has least chopWind strength and direction
Calmest currents at zeroWater currentsHigher tide is cleaner, but coldertide_level

Water Quality Conditions

Fun Fact:
When the moon is closer to the Earth and is full, or new, it has its biggest impact on the ocean. Studies suggest that the risk of pet emergencies is 23% greater in cats and 28% greater in dogs on days near the full moon. Legend has it that the full moon makes a mermaid "moon struck"; meaning she loses her memory and may forget to put her tail away...its a thing.