Sweeney Ridge trail run (and challenge!)
Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017
37.628605, -122.466010

Let's hit the trails at Sweeney Ridge. It's a sunny open-space preserve 20 minutes outside of the city, with some of the best bay and ocean views around.

Refer to the route map here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18772562

There are three distance options on the route.

4.2 miles: (Red line on the map) Starting at Skyline College (Parking Lot C -- free weekend parking), we run up to the Portola expedition marker. Bring your climbing legs! Head back to the parking lot, or...

6.6 miles: (Green) Continue to the end of Sweeney Ridge Trail, and loop back through the meadow. Go straight back, or turn left and...

9.8 miles: (Blue) Come down the west side of the mountain to the Farallones viewpoint. Enjoy the panoramic ocean view before returning to the marker.

Those who run the whole route will claim the 15K peninsula challenge! RSVP with your distance.

Also: add your name to the rideshare sheet!