SFTC Track
Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2018
6:30pm — 8:00pm
Kezar Stadium
670 Kezar Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

See how interval training makes you faster whether you're training for a sprint tri or an Ironman! Come to track and join John Dahlz (Jd) lead these workouts! Each week follows a different plan designed to build your base and running form. These workouts will be designed for all levels.

6:30pm: Check in with Sam Kolich or Julie McGee. We will be checking club memberships so don't forget to sign up.
6:45pm: Commence workout!
8:00pm: Conclude running laps. (Usually)

Workout: Back to hills!!!

10’ easy up top
Drills: A skip, B skip, Butt kickers, High knees, Straight leg, Carioca (new)
2 laps worth of striders

Main Set: Hill/track combo
10’ continuous hills (stop sign 3).
3(2 for beginners) x (800m @ 10k pe 6 z4, 400m fast finish 3k or about 30-40’’ per mile faster z5a, pe 8)
IF RACED hits: ON TRACK OPTION ONLY! 800m tempo, 400m 10k
2(1 for beginners) x long hill, build effort every stop sign!

Cool down:

Please use the link below to plug your times in for pacing these workouts


Perceived effort (Pe) scale:
0 - in bed
1 - walking down the steps to get your grub on for breakfast
2 - brisk walk
3 - active recovery z1
4 - endurance steady run, z2
5 - tempo, z3
6 - lactate threshold(lt - around 10k effort pace), z4
7 - 5k race pace, z5a
8 - Mile race pace - 3k bike, z5b
9 - All out 400m – 800m pace or 1-2’ intervals on bike z5c
10 - Usain bolt pace/ sprint

If you have any questions about the workout or training in general please do not hesitate to email Coach Jd directly (John.Dahlz@bayclubs.com).

Location: We'll be located near the track on the southeast side of the stadium. Look for the large SFTC flag.

Non-SFTC members may join this workout for a $10 drop-in fee.