70 miles SF -->7 sisters --> Inverness --> SF on 1
Saturday, Mar. 03, 2018
7:45am — 12:30pm
Sports Basement
610 Old Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94129


Gonna keep it pretty simple. Meet at Sports Basement at 7.45am. WOTR at 8am.

Will ride at a consistent moderate pace 14-16mph average out and over 7 sisters, then down to the 1 and through to the turn around point at Inverness Park. Then head home all the way along the 1.

Not too much stopping so please bring plenty of nutrition. Will regroup at the top of Pantroll Campground then at Twin Knolls before we head down to the 1. And then again at the turn around point (can refill bottles and get snacks if needed) and then possibly one more time along the 1 on the way home. But aim is to stay together along the 1.

My number is below. Hopefully see you out there.


Cheers Andrew