Santa Rosa Training weekend: Camping
Friday, Jun. 29 to Sunday, Jul. 01, 2018

This training weekend is open to all

Campground is booked and will accommodate up to 75 people! Come join us for a weekend of swim, bike, run, amazing people and fun times.

About the campsite:

  • Located really close to transition 1 of the Santa Rosa IM70.3 race * perfect to explore the lake swim and (a part of ) the bike course!
  • No running water or electricity
  • Back to basics and surrounded by beautiful nature
  • Bring your own food camping style

What to bring:

  • Camping gear
  • WATER (there is no water at the campground)
  • Training gear!! We'll swim, bike and run a lot!
  • We do have a barbecue so some (alcoholic) beverages are very necessary :-)
  • Food and water !


  • TBD