At-home Yoga Workshop and Community Stretch Session
Sunday, Jun. 17, 2018
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Helen Diller Park in Dolores Park

Hi All!
For the 3 workouts I promised to post, I decided to shake things up a bit with a yoga/stretch session.

Focussed stretching is key to muscle recovery and one of the top things you can do to avoid injury. We all know this, but (most of us) still dont do it regularly because- let’s be honest- its boring.

I’ve been a certified yoga instructor for years and have given classes/workshops in the community on a semi-regular basis.

My most popular (and favorite) is At-Home -Yoga.
In these 3 sessions I’ll give shorter version targeted to triathlete issues.
Specifically, in these 3 sessions, I’ll break down a flow/series of simple yoga poses/stretches for muscles overused in swimming, biking, and running.

For each pose I’ll share pointers for how to do it ‘correctly’ (i.e. to get maximum benefit). These are things yoga teachers know, but don’t have time to explain in a class- which is why they often come around and just adjust you.
I will also time each stretch to make sure we all hold it long enough to get a benefit.

After 45min you will i) have accomplished your post-training stretching as well ii) have a simple 20-minute sequence of yoga poses you incorporate in your fitness regimen as you wish.

Bring your own mat or just use the grass. I will be at the meeting spot in bright, floral leggings. Text me if you don’t see me:
415 964 7026

Also, please RSVP so I have an estimate of number of attendees. See you there!