Diablo delight
Saturday, Jul. 07, 2018
8:45am — 12:30pm
Walnut creek BART

Meet around 8:45, roll @ 9am

Climb up to Mt Diablo, celebrate not dying, fly back down

Distance: 30ish miles
Elevation: 4000ft

If you're looking for extra miles, we could go down south gate road and loop back to walnut creek, or climb up a second time for "fun"

Meet deets
Where? Walnut Creek BART station
When? 8:45am
Last call? We roll at 9am sharp

BART Schedule
Arrival times: 8:32, 8:47, 9:02

Potential regrouping points
Junction Ranger station
Mt Diablo Summit
Lunch back at Walnut Creek?

Radical self-reliance
Please bring what you need to be self-sufficient on this ride including, but not limited to: spare tube, pump, bike tool, phone, cash, food, WATER!, etc... Should be a lot of fun :)

Feel free to text (4083293438) or email (suneet_saldanha@outlook.com) me if you have any questions.