SFTC Track Workout
Tuesday, Aug. 07, 2018
6:30pm — 8:00pm
Kezar Stadium
670 Kezar Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

See how interval training makes you faster whether you're training for a sprint tri or an Ironman! Come to track and join John Dahlz (JD) lead these workouts! Each week follows a different plan designed to build your base and running form. These workouts will be designed for all levels.

6:30pm: Check in with Andrew Corcione. We will be checking club memberships so don't forget to sign up.
6:45pm: Commence workout!
8:00pm: Conclude running laps. (Usually)

2 mile tt #2 of the year: #26
Track lt test or 2 mile time trial

Warm Up: 10’ easy
2 laps worth of striders

Main Set:
30’ tt(record last 20’ of the 30’ test average hr) or 2 mile for time if you do not have a hr monitor or beginners

Cool Down: 10’

If 2 mile tt here are your running paces: http://www.attackpoint.org/trainingpaces.jsp.
If hr(use the number of the average hr for the last 20’ of the test)
Z1 less than 85%
Z2 85% - 89
Z3 Zone 3 90% to 94%
Z4 Zone 4 95% to 99%
Zone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHR Z5a
Zone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHR Z5b
Zone 5c More than 106% of LTHR Z5c