0-60 Week 1: Bike Skills Workshop and Golden Gate Bridge Crossing
Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019
9:00am — 1:00pm
Polo Fields Cycling Track
Metson Rd & Middle Dr W,
San Francisco, CA 94122

Update: Let's gather at the North Restrooms of the Polo Fields

This workshop is geared towards our 0-60 cohort, some of whom are not yet experienced road cyclists. We will start with a bike safety assessment, and cover group riding rules, braking techniques, signalling, and shifting, practicing with loops around the cycling track at the Polo Fields in GGP. After this workshop at the track we will ride up 25th Ave into the Presidio and across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. This might be some folks' first ride across the bridge and we will offer some tips for safely doing this. Back at the Polo Fields we will have a quick debrief and meet up for lunch at the Beach Chalet.

Please note, other cyclists may be using the track so remember your etiquette: slower riders move to the outer edge of the track to allow the speedsters the inner track (just like running track etiquette). Always yield to users already on the track and clearly signal when you are exiting the track so riders behind you know what you are doing.

Bring: helmet, water, snack, phone, cash, ID and emergency contact info, spare tube. Light jacket since we may be talking a bit. Don’t know what to get for tire stuff? Bring your bike to your local bike shop and ask—tell them you will be learning to change your own inner tube and need 1) tube, 2) tire irons, 3) compressed air and valve—it’s nice to have a saddle bag in which to keep all this gear.

Game day issues, call or text Deb: 415-867-7695

All club members are welcome to individually hone their own skills, but our attentions will be focused on the 0-60 Tri Babes. If you'd like to volunteer to help us mentor, please email 0-60 [at] sftriclub [dot] org

13.6 mi. no drop ride to follow 90 minute workshop. Please allow 4 hours for both, and longer if you plan to join us for lunch.

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