SFTC Track Workout
Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2019
6:30pm — 8:00pm
670 Kezar Dr., San Francisco, CA 94118

See how interval training makes you faster whether you're training for a sprint tri or an Ironman! Come to track and join John Dahlz (JD) lead these workouts! Each week follows a different plan designed to build your base and running form. These workouts will be designed for all levels.

Location: The track is closed this week so we might have to be flexible about our meeting point (above the usual bleachers at the upper perimeter or at the entrance on Frederick/Willard st)

6:30pm: Check in with Suneet or Frenchy. We will be checking club memberships so don't forget to sign up.
6:45pm: Commence workout!
8:00pm: Conclude running laps.

First hill workout of the year and no rain!

  • 2 laps easy around perimeter
  • Drills
  • 4 x uphill striders up baby hill
  • 2 rounds:

    2 laps (1 lap group b) around perimeter (straightaway northside change of pace surge to 10k or 20’’ per mile faster) rest of lap @ tempo pe 5
    Straight into 3 bears, no pushing just get up the hill and think about run form, using arm swing to propel legs and forward lean from ankles with no wasted up and down motion!
    Ri super easy back down the hill

  • 1 lap around perimeter reverse direction cool down

Please use the link below to plug your times in for pacing these workouts:

Perceived effort (Pe) scale:
0 - in bed
1 - walking down the steps to get your grub on for breakfast
2 - brisk walk
3 - active recovery z1
4 - endurance steady run, z2
5 - tempo, z3
6 - lactate threshold(lt - around 10k effort pace), z4
7 - 5k race pace, z5a
8 - Mile race pace - 3k bike, z5b
9 - All out 400m – 800m pace or 1-2’ intervals on bike z5c
10 - Usain bolt pace/ sprint

If you have any questions about the workout or training in general please do not hesitate to email Coach JD directly (John.Dahlz@bayclubs.com).