Gestalt Haus ride
Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019
610 Old Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94129

Enjoy a late start in the early season with beer waiting for you at the turn-around point!

Distance: 37 miles
Elevation: 1700ft

Hawk hill will be waiting at the end if you're looking for some extra climbing

Meet deets
Where? Sports Basement Presidio
When? 9:30am *
Last call? We roll at 9:40am

I'm flexible with time, so if earlier or later is better, I don't mind changing the start time
Hoping to get a steady ride in with minimal stopping on the way out to Fairfax

We'll stop in Fairfax for beer and hot dogs

Radical self-reliance
Please bring what you need to be self-sufficient on this ride including, but not limited to: spare tube, pump, bike tool, phone, cash, food, WATER!, etc... Should be a lot of fun :)

Feel free to text (4083293438) me if you are have any questions.