South Bay Ride (Weather Dependent)
Saturday, Feb. 02, 2019
8:00am — 12:00pm
GM45+GH Highlands-Baywood Park, California

2 options for this weekend down in South Bay for anyone that is interested. Both offer a ton of climbing:

Option 1 (~35 miles):
--> Includes the Infamous Old La Honda Climb

Option 2(~50 miles):
--> Includes the Infamous Old La Honda AND Tunitas Creek Climbs

Ride information:
Note that both rides will be a semi-drop rides meaning that we will try stick together for the first 30 or so minutes and do some short regroups at the top of the main climbs. But other than that it's drop or be dropped;) So if you plan on joining please be sure to know the route or have it on your phone or head unit.

Meeting details:
Meet at 7:45am with WOTR at 8am.
Park at the entrance of Canada Road, just as you exit the 92.

As always be sure to be self sufficient: Water, food, spare tires, etc... You know the deal!

Also then ride is weather dependent so please be sure to check in on the morning of that it is still happening. I will also send an email out to everyone who has RSVP'ed to confirm it's on or not. You can also text me on 8185904798.

Love always,