SR70.3 week 1 training Bike ride
Saturday, Apr. 06, 2019
9:00am — 1:00pm
610 Old Mason St.
San Francisco, CA, 94129

Santa Rosa 70.3 training group.

I'm kicking off a 16 week training group and will be posting my weekend workouts.

for WEEK 1 Saturday Ride.

Lets meet at Sports Basement in the Presidio. at 8:45am rolling by 9:00. If your late you will miss us, either catch up or come next week.

This ride will be 37 miles and approximately 3.5-4 hrs as its an easy endurance ride.

the route will be P-loop with some intervals if your interested.

Please RSVP and bring everything to be self sufficient.

I will be doing a 25min brick after.

Heavy rain will cancel ride.