Masters Swim Practice
Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2019
6:45am — 8:15am
Hamilton Pool
1900 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I swim with Tsunami Masters Swim Club. If you've ever been curious about swimming with a Masters club I invite you to come try it out!

Why I like it:

  • Coached practices 6 days a week, mostly twice a day around San Francisco
  • Coaches who are extremely welcoming and willing to give you tips on your swimming form
  • 6 different lanes with varying speeds
  • A defined workout every time that is different and focuses on different aspects of swimming (strokes, sprinting, flip-turns etc)
  • So affordable! Just $65/month

Worried about your speed? Don't! I hang out in lane 6 and go the speed that I can. Their minimum pace is 2 minutes 30 seconds per 100 yards.

Worried about different strokes? Don't! I can't do butterfly or flip-turns so I just replace with what I can do.

You can do a free week to try it out. Just sign up on their website.

I started in January and could barely make it through half a workout. Now I make it through 3/4! It has really helped with open water swims because:

  • My freestyle stroke is much more powerful and efficient
  • I don't freak out in open water when I get tired now
  • My stamina has greatly improved

Text me if you're interested!