Cheer and/or volunteer for our Half Moon Bay racers!
Sunday, May. 05, 2019
Half Moon Bay tri volunteer check in booth.

Hi, we have several Racers at Half Moon Bay this year so come on down and cheer them on and/or also volunteer. I've been told if you do a 4-Hour shift that you can get half off cettain future triathlons including Oakland tri. Please email directly through this link is what I was also told. Hope to see you there!

Possibility of getting food together after. Also, think I'm doing swim exit and something early before that (so feel free to see what's left at swim exit so we can be together). You're exact time will depend on what you sign up for. Please post when you know. 😊.

If you need or can give someone a ride, please add that to your RSVP.

Looking to run and swim this day too so if that interest u maybe we figure something.