Intro to Track
Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020
6:30pm — 8:00pm
Kezar stadium
670 Kezar Dr., San Francisco, CA 94118

Let's get back at it!
Our favorite coach JD will be back teaching us how to become Usain Bolt in February, so let's get ready for it.
Your Track officers Suneet and Marion (aka Frenchy) will explain Track etiquette and then lead a run workout. The goal for this "Intro to track" session is to meet new people and get used to the Track environment that can be intimidating for beginners.
All levels welcome!
From first timers to pro, everyone will get a good and fun torture.

Please RSVP to get an email update in case we need to cancel, change location, etc... also to brag about how consistent you are with your training. Peer pressure is a real thing!

6:30pm: check in with Suneet or Frenchy and catch up with your club mates. Look for the SFTC flag at the Southeast side of the track. Non club members are very welcome to join.

6:45 to 8pm: workout