0-60 Week 12: Mini Tri
Sunday, Apr. 12, 2020
12:00am — 3:00am

Test your new-found knowledge from the transition clinic in a no-pressure mini-tri. The distances will be approximately 500 yards in the water, 7.6 miles on the bike and 2.9 miles on the run. Bring your open water swimming gear (including wetsuit), bike & bike gear, a towel, run gear and nutrition/water.

All members are welcome to attend this mini-tri.

START LOCATION AND PARKING: We'll meet at Aquatic park on the grass. Parking is available along VanNess

WHAT TO BRING: Below is what you will want to bring for the mini-tri at the minimum. Let any of us know if you have any questions about any of the items.

Wetsuit Goggles Towel Body glide Ear plugs Tri suit/swimsuit Swim cap Bike Bike shoes Bike jersey/shirt (if not wearing tri suit) Bike shorts (if not wearing tri suit) Socks Helmet Sunglasses Running shoes Running shorts (if not wearing tri suit) Water bottle Nutrition (gels/bars/drinks) Sunscreen

CONTACT INFO: Steph Canon steph@sftriclub.org 619-818-4707 Please use phone number only for issues on the day of the event. Please use email for all other questions.