Gear Swap
Sunday, Feb. 09, 2020
8:30am — 9:30am
Sports Basement Presidio

Join us at Sports Basement Presidio for our fith annual club swap meet. Bring your unwanted tri gear in good condition to swap or sell.

Help out the new cohort of 0-60 with tri shorts, transition bags, garmins, saddles, you name it!

If you've sold items and are feeling generous, kick into our Tri2Help kitty which will benefit the charity of the membership's choosing.

Any items that don't get swapped or bought that you don't want to take home, we will drop at Community Thrift Store with proceeds going to the Bike Coalition.

So we can best match swappers, please list your major swap/sales or wish list items here

Questions? Also if you can't make it but have a bunch of items to donate please let me know and I'll arrange a pickup.