SC 70.3 training grp. polo fields
Thursday, Jun. 10, 2021
11:45am — 1:30pm
Golden gate polo field

Please sign up if you want to participate in this workout.

If no one signs up, I reserve the right to change/cancel time and location.

Meet in the south entrance tunnel (opposite the grandstands) to the track at 11:45 and start the ride/workout ASAP, track closes at 1:30 so be on time to make sure we get the full 1hr 30min in. If your late that's ok, join when you get there but Ill already be getting dizzy.

workout is on your own or you can follow this plan that Ill be doing.

Warm up 15 min EZ spinning

Main set: 5 rounds of:

  • 4 min @ low Z2
  • 3 min @High Z2
  • 2 min @ Low Z3
  • 1 min @High Z3 Then 5 minutes EZ

Increase your cadence for every round, starting at about 75 and ending at high but sustainable cadence

Last 5 min cool down