Swim Series, 4th session
Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021
6:00pm — 7:30pm
Balboa Park Swimming pool, San Francisco CA

This is a 6 week coached swim series, (added cost above membership dues)

Pay and sign up here. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/san-francisco-triathlon-club-balboa-summer-swim-series-2021-tickets-163933837521?fbclid=IwAR2V3Qq5rvhJJEyaasmwj71xsDXj2TI5u-mn8ZLX9z1iyIU6UAtHJZzc74s

This swim series is set up similar to a masters swim class, with a tad more technique driven interactions with the coach.

Varying abilities/speeds are ok, as you will be grouped with similar ability members. However please keep in mind this is for intermediate to advanced swimmers that can finish a masters swim pool workout. Sorry no beginners who cannot yet swim a continuous 200-400 yards.

Arrive early and be on the swim deck by 6:15 at the latest or you will miss the introduction to the workout.

We are not sure yet if locker rooms are open and available (although they are for regular lap swim with the SF parks and Rec pools, so we assume they are)

Tomorrow’s swim workout is as follows

Warm Up: 200 choice swim 150 kick choice (with board) 100 pull choice (with buoy and optional paddles) [450]

Main Set 4x 2x 25 - first half of lap fast, second half ez 1x 50 build speed (slow to fast within whole 50) 25 all out sprint (:30 seconds rest between rounds) [500]

2x 200 (:20-:30 seconds rest (“sr” after this) 2x 100 (just :10sr between these 100s) :30sr between rounds [800]

4x 50 catch-up free drill @:15 sr [200]

End set for those with extra time: 25s -
1x fast 1x ez 2x fast 1 x ez … to 4x fast / 1x easy A group each 25 on :30-:40 B group on :40-:50 C group :50-1:00 (We can decide and set the interval at practice)

100 easy cool down