SFTC Track
Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018
6:30pm — 8:00pm
Kezar Stadium
670 Kezar Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

UPDATE: After track let's grab a quick drink at Kezar Pub and celebrate the start of training season!

See how interval training makes you faster whether you're training for a sprint tri or an Ironman! Come to track and join John Dahlz lead these workouts! Each week follows a different plan designed to build your base and running form. These workouts will be designed for all levels.

6:30pm: Check in with Sam Kolich or Julie McGee.
6:45pm: Commence workout!
8:00pm: Conclude running laps. (Usually)

Workout: Vo2 max week #1
NOTE: Don’t be intimidated, this will all make sense on Tuesday!

Warm up: skipping

Main set (MS): 3(2 – group b) x 200 build from pe (perceived effort) 5 to pe 8 or tempo to 3k every 50 meters, 200m jog between and after, 2x7.5’ minutes tempo or pe 5 or z3 on upper part with 2-3’ easy between followed by 3 x 200 build from pe 5 to pe 8 (2 group b)

Location: We'll be located near the track on the southeast side of the stadium. Look for the large SFTC flag.

Things you might consider bringing: water, a jacket, snacks, a watch, a smile, A FRIEND! Or just make new friends at track. :)

Non-SFTC members may join this workout for a $10 drop-in fee.