may 2015
6:30pTrack @ Strawberry Hill!
6:15pHawk Hill repeats
6:15pSpin @ Om Power
6:30Perrier Parcourse in the Park!
7Wine Country Century
6:15pSpin @ M2 Revolution
6:30pSpin @ SHIFT
9sunday fun day run day - on trails
7pSpin @ Cardiotone
10AP Swim
9Mt. Diablo, 29mi out-and-back
930 Mile Bike Ride
9:30Petaluma Ride & Laguanitas Lunch
6:30pTrack @ De Young
6:15sunrise run to yoga plateau
8:15Semi-Vineman Training Ride
9Pancake trail run
6:15pHawk Hill repeats
8:30IMLT ride and BBQ
10Sunday Swim
9Stinson-BoFax-Seven Sisters
9Morgan Territories ride
6:30pTrack @ Kezar
6:15pHawk Hill repeats
6Bike to Work Day 2015
8Bay to Breakers
8:30IronHo - Double Diablo
9TCRS 7 Mile Run
9McInnis to Point Reyes Station Bakery out and back
6:30pMid-year club meeting
6:30pTrack @ Strawberry Hill!
6:15pHawk Hill repeats
9:30Paradise Loop - coffee ride
6:30pHAPPY HOUR Mid-Year Training Kick-Off
10Mt. Hamilton - short route
10Sunday Swim at Aquatic Park...
6:30pTrack @ Kezar
6:15pHawk Hill repeats
6:15Hawk Hill for breakfast
8:30Mines Road/Mt. Hamilton - Monthly East Bay Ride
9:15Hilly but shorter and closer to home...
8:30Cataract Falls Trail Run
9Petaluma Ride (41miles) round 2
10Sunday Swim at Aquatic Park