october 2017
6:30pSFTC Track
6:30pspin @ Bay club
6spin @ 17th Athletic club
7Oakland Gran Fondo
9Lassen National Park-Bike Your Park Day
8North Face Training: 7 weeks to go!
11Berkeley Bearathlon
6:30pTuesday Night Hills - Potrero Hill
6:30pspin @ Bay club
7Sawyer Camp: for North Face, and everybody!
9Alcatraz Swim Practice
7T9 Mermaid Tri & Du Capitola
8Get your bike ride on!
6:30pTuesday night hills- Lyon St stairs edition
6:30pspin @ Bay club
9Alcatraz Swim Practice
10Seven Hills of SF Ride
6:30pTuesday Night Hills - Lyon St Stairs
6:30pSpin @ Bay club
6:30Hawk Hill for Breakfast
6:30pSocial / Easy - Recovery Run 7-8 miles
7North Face training: 4 weeks to go!
9Seven Hills of SF Ride
6:30pW4T: Introductory Spin Class
7Alcatraz Swim!
7Foxy's Fall Century - Cycling Event
9Run Challenge: AP to Sausalito
6:30pSpin @ Bay club
6IM70.3 Austin, Texas
10:35Halloween Spirit Ride
7North Face Training -- 3 weeks to go!
6:30pSpin @ Bay club
7North Face Training: 2 weeks to go!
7Golden Gate Half Marathon
8:30Triple Mountain Challenge -- Peak #3-- Hamilton
9W4T: Coached Swim Clinic