SFTC Track Workout
Tuesday, Sep. 04, 2018
6:30pm — 8:00pm
Kezar Stadium
670 Kezar Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118


See how interval training makes you faster whether you're training for a sprint tri or an Ironman! Come to track and join John Dahlz (JD) lead these workouts! Each week follows a different plan designed to build your base and running form. These workouts will be designed for all levels.

6:30pm: Check in with Andrew Corcione. We will be checking club memberships so don't forget to sign up.
6:45pm: Commence workout!
8:00pm: Conclude running laps. (Usually)

9/05 #30 (Im sc 70.3 is 9/09)

Warm Up:
10’ easy
2 laps worth of striders

Main Set: cut down reps
7.4k(ri is about a minute for everything!)

1600 at tempo, 1200 at 10k, 800m at 5k
1200 at 10k, 800 at 5k, 400 at 3k
800 at 5k, 400 at 3k, 200 fast(B group skips!)

If racing sc 70.3:
2 x 800m at goal half z3, 1’ ri
4 x 400 des 1-4 to 5k or drop 2-3’’ every 400m

Cool down for all groups:
5’ easy on grass