Cancelled - Triple Peak Challenge: Mount Tam
Sunday, May. 12, 2019
10:00am — 2:00pm
Pohono Parking Lot

Cancelled due to late night supporting SR Ironman

Peak 1 of the Triple Peak Challenge!

Feeling inspired by the accomplishments of our fellow SF Tri friends who just completed the Santa Rosa Ironman? Feeling up to completing your own accomplishment?

Why not get the 1st of the 3 peaks out the way:

Pohono Parking Lot

Late Start: Meet at 10am ready to roll at 10:10am

Option A:
~25 miles with a bucket load of climbing
Step 1: Do a bucket load of climb --> Step 2: Keel over with exhaustion --> Step 3: Arise 10 minutes later for glorious pictures to be used on Facebook and alike --> Step 4: Descend Tam with a big smile on you face --> Step 5: Go home with a big smile on you face

I will be sweeping but please try have the route on you bike computer or phone.

Option B:
Same as option A with Reverse P-Loop before going home.

Note: P-loop portion will be a drop ride so please make sure you are self-sufficient should you be keen to join.

Hope to see you there.

Love always,